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Focus Point


Our Purpose

FAST constantly strives to be the aggregator for ambitious, entrepreneurial brokers looking for a partner to assist with reaching their potential. We continually innovate with a flexible suite of products, services and support to help brokers develop and execute on opportunities for growth. 


About Us

We offer strong lender support, highly competitive commission rates and the flexibility to diversify your lending capability.

FAST is a member of the National Australia Bank Group*. The NAB Group is deeply committed to the finance broker industry and gives FAST strength to offer its unique performance based fee structure and exceptional support system. FAST has access to products including those from NAB and FASTLend products.

*National Australia Bank Limited does not guarantee the obligations of its subsidiaries.

Maximise the power of diversification

FAST provides you with the right tools and support to confidently diversify your business and help increase profitability. We keep on the pulse of opportunities in this dynamic, competitive market, and listen to your needs to continually adapt and improve our business offering.

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Our Values

We're passionate about our Values: they capture the essence of our aspirational culture and reflect that we care deeply about how we do things, not just what we do. They’re intended to guide our decisions, actions and behaviours when we interact with our brokers, communities and each other.

Passion for brokers

Putting ourselves in our brokers’ shoes to understand what they need by developing a deep understanding of their personal and business goals, helping them to achieve positive client and business outcomes.

Will to win

Collaborating with colleagues across the industry so we’re all more successful in meeting the needs of our brokers.

Do the right thing

Making good decisions for our brokers, people and communities, even when it’s difficult.

Be bold

Not being afraid to ask the tough questions, try something different and agitate for positive change in the finance industry.

Respect for people

Embracing the things that make us all different and encouraging an inclusive culture.