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Additional Services

With the assistance of our partner providers you can extend your service offering to home-owners and investors seeking to protect their key assets and income streams.

These initiatives allow you to offer additional services with clients which generate extra revenue, without investing time and money hiring in-house staff or gaining new qualifications.

General & Risk Insurance

FAST’s relationship with ALI Group ensures you are able to address clients’ mortgage protection needs. FAST has also partnered with insurer Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz), enabling you to refer clients to Allianz and their dedicated service and processing team. We have has also secured an insurance offering with Allianz which extends to you, and your staff. 

FAST Partner Planner

The FAST Partner Planner program offers financial planning, with a referral model linking brokers to qualified financial planners. This program enables you to extend financial protection and wealth creation advice to your clients through aligned financial advisors.

The benefits of providing your clients with financial planning solutions include:

  • Clients benefit from access to quality financial advice beyond what you are authorised or qualified to provide yourself
  • Expanding your client value proposition and increasing client retention
  • Increasing and diversifying your revenue streams, while increasing the value of your business.

Since the inception of FAST Partner Planner in 2014, referrals have grown three-fold.

How our Partner Planner Program works

FAST Partner Planners are self-employed business owners, committed to providing quality financial planning advice to your clients, with a strong focus on compliance.

Typically a FAST Partner Planner will work with six to ten broker firms to provide financial planning advice to their clients.

This multi-broker model is designed to provide a steady stream of quality referrals from the aligned broker firms to their FAST Partner Planner, supporting their ability to remain active and successful. Most importantly, they will always be available to meet your referred client needs.

FAST Partner Planner operates as a revenue-sharing model. You’ll share in all initial and continuous revenue, and will always retain ownership of the client relationship for finance broking services.

Quality Financial Planners

Advantedge Financial Solutions recruits FAST Partner Planners of the highest calibre, appropriately matching them to your business requirements.

All our FAST Partner Planners are:

  • Fully qualified Financial Planners with a minimum of a Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Currently working in the Financial Planning Industry as a Planner/Para Planner, with at least two years’ experience
  • Operating with an excellent compliance track record

FAST Partner Planner features:

  • Business diversification with no compliance risk
  • Saves time in training and further education to become qualified
  • Saves significant costs in recruiting and employing a Financial Planner
  • Maintains relationship ownership
  • Provides revenue sharing on the provision of all new and continuing financial services and products (initial and trail)
  • Quality planners focus on providing quality financial advice to your clients, now and in the future.

Data security

Your client and business data will always remain secure. Your FAST Partner Planner has a vested interest and is bound by their agreement with Advantedge Financial Solutions.

To find out more on the FAST Partner Planner model speak to your FAST Partnership Manager or contact Advantedge Financial Solutions on (02) 9466 7098.

Broker Benefits Program

FAST recently launched our Broker Benefits program, providing you and your staff with discounted products and services. The program offers small businesses big benefits, allowing you to take advantage of corporate rate discounts on flights, accommodation, vehicles, insurance, stationery and more.

Buy/Sell Facility

The Buy/Sell Facility is an established process from start to finish, which includes a pricing methodology based on factors such as:

  • Makeup of revenue (mortgage trail or insurance trail)
  • Panel versus non-panel lenders
  • Extent of borrowers' details
  • Clawback history

Terms include 100% of the determined price on settlement (less any fees, charges and taxes payable) with transparent terms and conditions provided upfront.

Buy/Sell Facility Benefits

  • Buying or selling a trail book is easy and effective
  • Transparent pricing methodology, terms and conditions
  • No time or expense associated with finding a buyer or seller, conducting negotiations or administration
  • A reliable counter-party in Advantedge Financial Solutions
  • Reduction of the costs and risks associated with a do-it-yourself transaction

To find out more about the FAST Buy/Sell Facility, please contact your nearest Partnership Manager.


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