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Asset Finance

You can increase your income streams and maximise business growth by offering FAST Asset Finance to your clients and referral networks.

Asset finance is all about diversity - every situation requires an individual solution.

FAST can assist you with specialist support and tailored funding solutions for any situation, including equipment and motor vehicles. By offering asset finance you are able to provide a comprehensive lending solution for your clients. We can provide assistance in asset finance packaging and processing right through settlement which is a streamlined alternative to direct accreditation and most importantly, your clients remain your own.

FAST Asset Finance enables you to offer your clients:

  • Business and consumer car finance
  • Asset finance for a broad base of business and production equipment
  • Insurance premium funding
  • Computer hardware/software funding and rental agreements
  • Office equipment funding and rental agreements
  • Small ticket item finance (starting from $2,000 on broad based assets)

Specialist support for growth

FAST Asset Finance is particularly helpful if you have limited time, experience or infrequent volume. The FAST Asset Finance team provides a packaging and processing service which allows you to expand your offering and service more of your client needs – helping you increase your client retention levels and bottom line.

Our white label lending solution – FAST Xpress

FAST Xpress is an industry first asset finance white label product to be backed by a major bank. Offering a competitive interest rate, it offers your small-to-medium enterprise (SME) clients an attractive solution for financing cars and light commercial vehicles. Powered by Drive Online, FAST Xpress offers you the ability to quote and submit applications online as well as generate documents for asset finance deals.

Quality service, size and scalability

FAST has teamed up with an industry best practice partner who provides exceptional turnaround times and quality service. Their size and scalability also allows us to provide you with a high level of expertise, strong back office support and dedicated Asset Finance Partnership Managers.

Client ownership

The FAST Asset Finance team works seamlessly in the background to help you through the loan process from initial inquiry to settlement. All client contact will remain with you, mitigating the risk of losing your clients to competitors.

Cost savings and consistent cash flow

By using the FAST Asset Finance Team, you can enjoy potential cost savings without employing additional resources. In addition, as FAST manages all commission payments, you’ll receive your payments on time - assisting your business cash flow. You’ll receive a commission on each completed transaction and you can earn up to 2% brokerage.

Training and business development

Training is provided so you can confidently offer asset finance products to your clients. The FAST Asset Finance team can assist you to identify opportunities within your client base. They are also able to provide advice and assist you through more complicated deals which will help increase your approval rates.